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Hello and welcome to Jo Plants! We are plant providers whose goal is to help you reconnect with nature despite the hassles and bustles of modern life. More than decorative pieces, we believe that plants are powerful healers that can instantly uplift your mood, reduce stress, increase productivity, and add colour to any space. Whether you’re looking for houseplants or decorative office plants, let us help you immerse in the beauty of nature through potted pieces of different types and species.

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We Carry A Wide Selection of Potted Plants

Jo Plants is your one-stop-shop for indoor plants. We offer a wide selection of handpicked houseplants that are easy to care for and love, encouraging our customers around the world to uplift their moods and enhance their homes with our lovely, elegant collection of indoor decorative plants for homes and workspaces. From indoor decorative plants to outdoor potted plants to various families of succulents, we have a vast collection of houseplants grown naturally and specifically to complement any indoor space. Our aim to deliver the highest quality of plants and provide the best online plant shopping experience to our customer worldwide.

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We Help You Create a Happy & Healthy Home

We are passionate about growing and caring for plants, we are committed to providing quick and easy access to handpicked indoor plants that will add life and colour to any space. Our goal is to help you create a home that is not only fresh and inspiring but makes you and your family healthy, happy, and comfortable. We make your experience of discovering ideal indoor potted plants as delightful as our plants themselves. You don’t need to look elsewhere to find decorative plants that suit your home or office well. At Jo Plants, it is our mission to bridge the gap between plants and humans, bringing a piece of nature indoors. Our products and services are designed to fit your lifestyle, personal preferences, as well as your budget.

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We Ship Globally… Right to Your Doorstep

Wherever you live, no matter where you are located, it is our ultimate goal at Jo Plants to help you create a lush paradise through our wide selection of potted houseplants. We have more than 100 plant varieties and types you can choose from. When you order from us, we will deliver your plants right at your doorstep. Furthermore, we will provide you with care guides specific to the particular plant you purchased. At Jo Plants, you have no excuse not to immerse in the beauty and freshness that nature has to offer. Despite the hassles and bustles of city life, we can bring greenery inside your home and workplace wherever you may be. 

What can we do for you ?

Yes, indoor house plants are generally small in size and do not take too much space. You can place them on your side table, on a console near the window, or in any corner. The only consideration you need to keep in mind is their access to sunlight.

If you’re a beginner, you can start with house plants that are easiest to grow. These include pothos, philodendron, sansevieria, rubber plants, spider plants, dracaena, succulents, cast iron plants, and umbrella plants.

Chinese evergreens, iron plants, pothos, and Swedish ivy can thrive even with low light source.

Yes, you can grow almost any indoor plant using a grow light that uses special light bulb for plants.

You will need to replant them into a larger container and provide bigger space where they can continue to grow.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when caring for your indoor plants.


  • Keep the soil in the pot moist. Make sure that it’s not too wet nor too dry.
  • Ensure that the plant pot has enough holes at the bottom that serve as drainage holes.
  • Keep your house plants near a light source, whether it’s natural sunlight or an artificial grow light.
  • Follow specific care instructions for the type or specie of plant you have in your home.

For more tips and guides, be sure to check out our Blog section

Yes, we ship indoor house plants to anywhere in the world. Simply place your order through our online shop, make your payment, and wait for your plants as we deliver them right at your doorstep.

No, we only manage an online store. If you’d like to talk to one of our plant experts, call us at 07432741352.

We ship indoor house plants using double-walled strong cardboard boxes, with air cushion packages to keep the plants as safe as possible. Generally, plants are shipped rooted in damp sphagnum moss or Leca, others in a mix of coir.

We Provide an Outstanding Online Shopping Experience as a Plant Experts

Shopping for indoor plants should never be daunting or confusing. Our plant experts are always here to help. We created our online shop to be as intuitive and accessible as possible. By organising our products into simple categories and providing optimised photos and descriptions, you should be able to easily find the plants that you’re looking for.

We also have a dedicated support team who can guide you with your orders, inquiries, and questions. At Jo Plants, we want to create a memorable online shopping experience to our customers at all times. Should you need help with any of the products or services that we offer, please feel free to contact one of our plants experts and we’ll be happy to address your concerns.